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Hospitality vs. Covid-19

This is not the usual business blog. This is emotional, personal, personable. But that's what this business is too! In our last post, we spoke about the future: events that were being planned and a whole host of exciting opportunities that would arise in 2020. But of course, no one anticipated what would actually happen. I’d originally drafted a post about the experience in Panama, but then a global pandemic rolled in, the confusion and tragedy being enough to silence anyone. If you would like to read about that experience, you can do so here  - I want to stress that the festival itself was an incredible thing to be a part of. We were a tribe on that journey and it was a beautiful thing. I flew back into an empty Gatwick Airport on the 23rd March - the day of the UK's national lockdown. (L-R) Stevie, Arifa & me - Just landed in London on the day of lockdown Since then, I've spent hours gardening, hula hooping, resting, plotting & planning, making videos of live cock