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January and So Forth...

Happy new year! A tad belated, but sincere nonetheless.  So, January through to February has been fairly busy. Juggling my job whilst being a control freak is proving a bit of a challenge. I've tried to sort all of the business side of things before delving into gigs, but now what I need is the business so I can properly get the feel for how everything will work and what’s to be expected for the coming year(s)… Now I’m going to tell you all about what I know you want to hear – the first event! Black House presents: New Year’s Eve Soundclash . What a bitter-sweet start to the year this was... The lead up was an exciting and panic-inducing smorgasbord of emotions: stress, hope, fear, joy, relief and above all gratitude. The event itself was fantastic. The production, as always, was incredible - such a huge effort goes into turning any space into an indoor, festival paradise and it was a pleasure and an honour to be a part of the proceedings for the night. For such a wonderful e