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The first event is nigh...

The image of The Wonder Bar has changed a lot over the last few years, months, even weeks. I've been piecing together what's  inexpensive but of good quality,  practical, sustainable - and what's not! For years I had an image of an old caravan. Gutted of all its furnishings and fitted with booth seating and a few tables. A bar on the front; a bar on the side; a bar on top. Every possible outcome - whichever would most suit at the time. Of course, this is a distant dream as I start out. Whilst the actual wooden bar is being built and I start preparing for events in the summer, I'll be purchasing some kind of gazebo or marquee. Something wind-resistant, durable and of a decent size. Enough for a bar and a couple of old, pub tables & bar stools. Roll out the tarp & some old pub carpet - Your local comes to you!   Before I invest in a decent marquee/gazebo (and any recommendations or advice about some good quality tenting would be greatly appreciated. It will e