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Hospitality vs. Covid-19

This is not the usual business blog. This is emotional, personal, personable. But that's what this business is too! In our last post, we spoke about the future: events that were being planned and a whole host of exciting opportunities that would arise in 2020. But of course, no one anticipated what would actually happen. I’d originally drafted a post about the experience in Panama, but then a global pandemic rolled in, the confusion and tragedy being enough to silence anyone. If you would like to read about that experience, you can do so here  - I want to stress that the festival itself was an incredible thing to be a part of. We were a tribe on that journey and it was a beautiful thing. I flew back into an empty Gatwick Airport on the 23rd March - the day of the UK's national lockdown. (L-R) Stevie, Arifa & me - Just landed in London on the day of lockdown Since then, I've spent hours gardening, hula hooping, resting, plotting & planning, making videos of live cock

The Future...

First, an introduction to our newest team member: Mike Roberts. As well as being a long time friend of mine, Mike’s experience in hospitality has spanned several years, including:  cheffing;  running coffee shops; managing large catering contracts for film & TV and event management.  He’s now joined The Wonder Bar on a pro rata basis, offering his skills when needed. A hugely talented force to be reckoned with, he adds a smile and a dance to whenever the situation is warranted - which is all of the time with us!  We’re in cahoots with many a project: review videos of local products, podcasts showcasing local businesses and a potential new venue. We've got a lot on our plates, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds... Look at that face! On the 4th July this year, we will be launching Independents' Day. Aiming to bring together the finest food, drink, fashion, art & live entertainment, amongst other things : a celebration of exciting, indepe