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Community is Key

I've been meaning to update this for a while. I took a bit of time off from work due to a recent hospital trip (nothing serious!) and had a bit of a holiday at home with my family and friends in South Wales. I've also been preparing my for The Wonder Bar's debut, which will be a lot sooner than I originally anticipated... Keep an eye out for updates on: Facebook Twitter and  Instagram Now, this is where I reach out - To those of you who have unwittingly been roped into a conversation about this project. Whether it be my ever-supportive family & friends with their constant encouragement or those of you who've left comments and messages with offers to help out in the distant future... Well, the time is here! I'm in the very early stages at the moment: thus far, I have no logo, no brand, no suppliers. I have experience and knowledge in the field, but I'm asking for the advice of others. Right now, I'm looking for networking opportunities! If

Why? What? Where?

They say you make your best friends in uni. Living in a student town has provided me with so many close people in my life that may come and go, but always leave a special place in my heart. I've also met a tremendous amount of lovely people through work, most of you reading this, I will have met at a bar on one side or the other! Not to go all soppy, but the supportive and kind words of people from far and wide has been what's pushed me to go on. Realising my crazy business idea might not be so crazy after all!  When I first came to Aberystwyth, there was a legend that the tiny town held the most amount of pubs per square mile. 52 pubs; one for every week of the year. (If anyone has done a recent pub count, please let me know!)  Unfortunately, the pub trade is a dying one and not all of the pubs here are doing that well. Business rates and council tax are inconceivably high. Supermarket deals on booze blow pub prices out of the water and “pre-drinking” is becoming the norm.