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An Introduction...

Hello! I’m Bethan Trevett. Or Trev to most people who know me. For a while, I’ve had an idea brewing. For a number of years, it has been a business idea that has always played on my mind. Here I am, finally putting my plan out there. This blog is a way to track my progress and keep a record of this idea as it hopefully becomes a reality. In it’s very simplest form (and a lot of research and experiments are under way to fine tune the minor details): The Wonder Bar! A mobile-bar. Suitable for hire at parties, weddings, corporate events. Festivals, local events, markets. Wherever you fancy a bar! (Subject to licensing, of course.) Selling tasty, unusual, locally sourced and home grown products. Beers, cider, wine, spirits, cocktails, mocktails. Refreshing and different. A comfy pub atmosphere decked out with upcycled furniture and handcrafted d├ęcor made by talented local craft-wizards! That’s the vision anyway. As I finally put pen to paper  fingers to keyboard, I feel I should