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The Present...

Lots of things have happened in the last few years & as we come up to our 4th anniversary, it’s time for a recap & some which have been visible on social media. It seems there’s never enough time to sit, write & pour out what we’ve been up to in this time... but I can try & summarise: A rebrand; a place in the final of Entrepreneur of the Year category at the Aber First Awards; several weddings, corporate events, loads of cocktail workshops, weird & wacky events, charity gigs, private festivals & making strong ties in South Wales & the West Country.  I disappeared to New Zealand for 7 months. Call it a quarter-life crisis (perhaps a bit generous there...), but it was something I’d been planning on doing for many years. It gave me huge perspective on life & the drive to continue my passion into making The Wonder Bar a success. It can be really hard to be motivated & accountable when you run a small business, especially as a solopreneur, but wh


The Past...

*This post was first  partly constructed in 2017. Finally edited, finished & published in December 2019... argh! Time certainly flies when you run a small business by yourself.* The last few years has seen me move back & forth south & west wales. In between the events I've been spending precious time with family and friends. Those close to me are growing, setting up their own various ventures & I've been getting stuck in. I've always stressed how community is an important value & supporting other independent businesses is something I feel strongly about. We're all starting from the ground up & so the last few years have seen me doing jobs I’ve never done before - kitchen assistant, door supervisor, retailer, barista & volunteer chef. I’ve always had a strong work ethic - it runs in my blood. I also think it’s partly from my mum telling me I’d never stick to my paper round when I was 13 (I did that paper round for 2 years. Gruelling, a