The Past...

*This post was first partly constructed in 2017. Finally edited, finished & published in December 2019... argh! Time certainly flies when you run a small business by yourself.*

The last few years has seen me move back & forth south & west wales. In between the events I've been spending precious time with family and friends. Those close to me are growing, setting up their own various ventures & I've been getting stuck in. I've always stressed how community is an important value & supporting other independent businesses is something I feel strongly about. We're all starting from the ground up & so the last few years have seen me doing jobs I’ve never done before - kitchen assistant, door supervisor, retailer, barista & volunteer chef.

I’ve always had a strong work ethic - it runs in my blood. I also think it’s partly from my mum telling me I’d never stick to my paper round when I was 13 (I did that paper round for 2 years. Gruelling, all weather work for £10 a week!). Having full time jobs whilst still striving to sustain The Wonder Bar has always been something to fall back on but I’ve also been lucky enough to work for businesses that have been willing to be flexible. I’m often torn between whether I should quit my job(s) & spend all my time growing my business, but it’s also nice to step back & let someone else pay the wages! This pop-up industry has its slow seasons, just like everything else & the pressure of having to pay staff full time is not something I can commit to just yet.

I use a few event planning websites Eventsense, Poptop & Add To Event to name a few. They match people who are hosting events to those who can make it happen: entertainers, planners, mobile catering, bars etc. The Cocktail Workshops came as an idea that I got after seeing a demand for interesting things for people to do at small parties. Going out & spending a fortune on taxis, nightclub entry & overpriced drinks is becoming a thing of the past - now the ‘in’ thing to do is stay in & party how you please.

Whether you want someone to make drinks all night whilst you enjoy your party or you want to get involved & learn the tricks of the trade, we offer a package for everyone.

Beth's 30th
The first workshop I hosted was in Llandiloes in February 2017. 12 lovely ladies from Shrewsbury gathered in a rented cottage for Beth's 30th birthday - and I was the surprise! I was nervous as anything before heading down that way, armed with a van full of booze, all of the tools & many a cocktail fact that I've gleaned over the years. The ladies loved my little lesson & I had a blast with them, teaching them what I know & getting them a bit merry along the way! I didn't tell them it was my first workshop until I was asked at the end how long I'd been doing it. It was a pleasant surprise to those that learnt it was the first. I left Llanidloes feeling fabulous & hopeful for the future!

The Workshops have gone down a treat with our wonderful customers, becoming the most popular package we offer. I’ve left “work,” to rounds of applause, hugs from people I’d only just met & guards of honour! How lucky I am to call this a job?! 
Sam’s Hen Party
Since then, we’ve appeared at our first festival in the Peak District; a wedding in a lighthouse; afternoon tea parties & hosted Cocktail Workshops for groups that were “ticking it off the bucket list.” We’ve travelled to the most northern parts of Wales; the West Country, the Midlands & even Middlesborough... We’re yet to find the limit of how far we’ll travel. We’re certainly willing to bring the party to you!