Hospitality vs. Covid-19

This is not the usual business blog. This is emotional, personal, personable. But that's what this business is too!

In our last post, we spoke about the future: events that were being planned and a whole host of exciting opportunities that would arise in 2020. But of course, no one anticipated what would actually happen. I’d originally drafted a post about the experience in Panama, but then a global pandemic rolled in, the confusion and tragedy being enough to silence anyone. If you would like to read about that experience, you can do so here - I want to stress that the festival itself was an incredible thing to be a part of. We were a tribe on that journey and it was a beautiful thing. I flew back into an empty Gatwick Airport on the 23rd March - the day of the UK's national lockdown.

(L-R) Stevie, Arifa & me - Just landed in London on the day of lockdown

Since then, I've spent hours gardening, hula hooping, resting, plotting & planning, making videos of live cocktail tutorials and sharing the cocktail knowledge with the world. We've hosted virtual cocktail workshops and when the restrictions were eased, we hosted some real life workshops; even a socially distanced garden party. But that has come to a close for the second time this year with the restriction of groups of no more than 6 people.
You can find our tutorials on Instagram: @TheWonderBar.UK or Facebook

Behind my makeshift garden bar

As with many industries, hospitality came to a standstill at one point and is now clinging on by the skin of it’s teeth. We're very lucky at The Wonder Bar that we don't have a premises, so therefore don't have huge outgoings like many pubs, restaurants & cafés that are struggling. Our situation sees us with many weddings, hen parties & events being cancelled or postponed until... well... who-knows-when.

I know this is the right decision. I know this is the sensible thing to do. But it breaks my heart for our little pop-up bar to have to cancel events. The prospect of our best summer so far was exciting and now, after a wedding-less few months, we enter into Equinox. BUT we can only take this time to prepare... To be ready for 2021. To stay safe and minimise the risk so that next year can be our biggest and best yet. 

Shan & Caitlin safely serving up the cocktails!

We LOVE creating a memorable experience for our customers and that's what really makes it all worthwhile: 
making guests smile, laugh & dance; ensuring the busy bride and groom get a chance to take a sip of their personalised cocktail that was created for their big day and of course boogying behind the bar! It will all happen again, just a bit later than planned.

We live in uncertain times right now, that's for sure. Everyone in the world is being affected by what's happening at the moment. It's been truly inspiring to see humans coming together to bring out the best in each other. To the amazing doctors, nurses, carers, key workers, all putting themselves on the line, we thank you.

In the meantime, let’s raise a glass...

To looking forward 🥂