The first event is nigh...

The image of The Wonder Bar has changed a lot over the last few years, months, even weeks. I've been piecing together what's inexpensive but of good quality, practical, sustainable - and what's not! For years I had an image of an old caravan. Gutted of all its furnishings and fitted with booth seating and a few tables. A bar on the front; a bar on the side; a bar on top. Every possible outcome - whichever would most suit at the time. Of course, this is a distant dream as I start out.

Whilst the actual wooden bar is being built and I start preparing for events in the summer, I'll be purchasing some kind of gazebo or marquee. Something wind-resistant, durable and of a decent size. Enough for a bar and a couple of old, pub tables & bar stools. Roll out the tarp & some old pub carpet - Your local comes to you! 
Before I invest in a decent marquee/gazebo (and any recommendations or advice about some good quality tenting would be greatly appreciated. It will essentially be the pub walls!) I'll be making do with what I've got/can acquire easily: Knowledge, a licence to sell alcohol, a bar, staff, bar tools, glassware, stock, wonderful décor and fantastic service!

My boss, Gareth, kindly let me have a rummage through the old rooms at the top of the restaurant I work in. I'm now the proud owner of 2 wooden tables and 13 red leather bar stools. Perfect! As well as the furniture, Gareth has also agreed to let me use one of these rooms for storage (my tiny flat is already full of stuff!). Currently it's full of wood, paint, general building supplies; as well as some old furniture. If any one is after a chest of drawers, a 3 seater sofa, or even just some firewood - there's a lot of it and you'd be more than welcome to take it for free! Just send me a message and we can arrange a pick up!

It was my birthday last weekend and my family and friends were on top form for gift-giving! I had a few birthday backers on Crowdfunder from family and friends which I'm eternally grateful for. (I'm still way off on my target, so feel free to share the word...)
My lovely little brother bought me a bar fridge which I'm yet to see, but excited to get my hands on! My house mate and good friend Elli bought me a beautiful menu board for displaying drinks, prices etc. And another best friend, Hannah Dunne, hand made me THE most incredible sign which I can't wait to put on display! (Credit must also go to her boyfriend Sunny, who did the manly thing and nailed it all together!)

Thank you, you fabulous people!

It's awesome isn't it?! She got a round of applause when I unwrapped it!

The versatility of The Wonder Bar being a portable pub, is that it can be dressed up or down as appropriate. If you're having a corporate event and you want to promote your brand, I can provide the bar service and professionalism you're looking for. Delicious, fresh cocktails can be served up for your wedding; unusual, highly recommended beers for your stag/hen do or even non-alcoholic cocktails and fresh juices for your baby shower! For now, I'll be looking at indoor-events. House parties, business bashes, music events...

And on that note, here's my most exciting update... The Wonder Bar has it's first gig!

Black House presents: New Years Eve Soundclash

If you haven't heard of it (and if you live in Aberystwyth, where have you been?!) Black House is a multi-genre musical collective. 
Showcasing internationally acclaimed artists as well as up and coming performers, and local DJ's. The best artists across the dance music scene come together under one roof for an evening of musical madness; Jungle, funk, house, reggae, ska, drum n bass, electro-swing, garage, and everything in between. Not only does Black House bring the best sound to Mid Wales, this indoor utopia is host to stunning visuals, lucid lights, live art and a sense of community!

This New Years Eve, DJ's from the area are coming together to bring a smorgasbord of tunes to the table in a battle of the decks. Confetti, CO2 cannons, stalls from other local businesses and a bouncy castle RAVE CAVE(!) will also be present to charge us into 2016!
And what's any blow out without a bar? Providing the party juice for the revellers, The Wonder Bar will be serving up prosecco galore, the finest of tinned lagers/ciders and some tasty cocktails if you're feeling fancy!

If you would like to join our wonderful team this NYE, please don't hesitate to get in touch - The more people that apply, the more time we can spend dancing!
Just send your CV and an informal introduction to yourself to:

I imagine the next blog post will be in the new year. As always, thank you for reading and following and sharing. It is all greatly appreciated! Have a lush Christmas and hopefully I'll be seeing many of you in Borth on NYE!!