Community is Key

I've been meaning to update this for a while. I took a bit of time off from work due to a recent hospital trip (nothing serious!) and had a bit of a holiday at home with my family and friends in South Wales. I've also been preparing my for The Wonder Bar's debut, which will be a lot sooner than I originally anticipated...

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Now, this is where I reach out - To those of you who have unwittingly been roped into a conversation about this project. Whether it be my ever-supportive family & friends with their constant encouragement or those of you who've left comments and messages with offers to help out in the distant future... Well, the time is here! I'm in the very early stages at the moment: thus far, I have no logo, no brand, no suppliers. I have experience and knowledge in the field, but I'm asking for the advice of others. Right now, I'm looking for networking opportunities!

If you know someone that brews and bottles tasty beer, locally (and legitimately of course) then help us to get in touch!
Do you know someone who runs events and needs a bar set up? Holler!
I want to help people that help me. Supporting other small scale businesses is an important value and I'd like to open up my venture as an opportunity for others too.

I won't pretend I have a lot of money, but I don't expect a free meal either, as I work hard to save dollar and not immediately climb into a start up loan.
I currently don't have a vehicle to transport stuff (I'll be hiring a van in the meantime) so if you know someone who is selling something suitable - link me up!
If you frequent a pub and the landlord has thousands of old pint glasses or bar stools to get rid of, make them known to me!

I'm all about upcycling/recycling/seeing what I can do with what I've got! Feel free to pass on the stuff that you want to get rid of, that I may find useful. One man's trash is another man's treasure and all that!

Flavoured home made syrups for cocktails and mocktails!
Coloured bottles from Stars, Aberystwyth

The amount of people that have already put forward their services has been astounding. My mate Colin is currently designing my logo, business cards and flyers - so my makeshift banner will be having a professional revamp very soon and I'm excited for the results!
I also have a local carpenter friend of mine, Tom, building me a wooden, transportable bar, which has been a thing of dreams for a long time... It's all coming together now!

The advice and guidance that I've had off website designing friends, accountant friends, friends who have also set up their own businesses, has been priceless. You shall be rewarded with constant advertising from me! More about those lovely people when things are up and running.
This industry is a tough one and I'm anticipating many ups and downs. Getting to where I need to be is part of the exciting challenge of setting up a business. I just may need a kick up the ass when things don't go as planned (I thankfully, have many people in my life who will happily oblige)!

So for those who've been asking what I want for my upcoming birthday - it's for my business idea to grow even more!
Here is my crowdfunder: A little online goal to keep myself and those that are invested in my progress, in the loop.

The Wonder Bar now has an email address for you to contact - whether it be for bookings, donations of old furniture or suppliers - get in touch at

The next post will be a sneaky look at what The Wonder Bar will start out as and hopefully, what's to come!